Friday, October 7, 2016

Opening Night!

We officially opened our run last night at the Palace Theater in Stamford, CT and I fell up the stairs in the spotlight on my very first entrance! I did not hurt myself, and the director loved it and wants me to pratfall in the show from now on. LIVE THEATER, folks!

Big things I learned:

*Stamford, CT is adorable and I wish I could have eaten at all the restaurants on Bedford St.
*Pack a small bag for one-night hotel stays so you can leave your six-month suitcase in the van.
*Large, legit theaters are amazing and make me feel both like I'm a celebrity and also like there was some kind of mistake and they meant to cast someone else in the show.
*I'm obsessed with theaters. I get really excited to read about the history of them (I post mini-histories with pictures on my Instagram, @RebeccaLoops), and I get even more excited to go through all the doors that say, "Authorized Personnel Only."
*Craft services (a big table of food provided by the theater) isn't a luxury; they give you food because you have to be in a van before hotel breakfast even starts, drive five hours, work another three or four hours to get ready for the show, then you finally get a break around 3pm. Food provided by the theater helps you not collapse half way through the day.
*Craft services still makes you feel very fancy.
*If you encourage an audience full of kids to help solve a case, you cannot try to do an improv-heavy scene IN the audience AFTER a clue is set onstage. Don't even try (the clue is now set at the end of my scene in the audience).
*When all the actors decide to ride in the same van so they can stay together, definitely follow your instinct and ride in the other van that only has three people in it (I had three empty rows to choose from and it was very quiet).

Main takeaway from today:

I cannot even handle how much I love being an actor, and the fact that I can say it's my actual full-time job (definitely for six months) feels incredible. The cast and crew are really great, the production company has been wonderful and makes us feel well taken care of, and the show itself is something I'm really proud of. This is going to be a great six months.

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